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Academic Research Volume, ‘UK Circus’

In this volume, 20 circus professionals collaborate with three scholars to discuss UK Circus Society in the 21stCentury, bridging the divide between practice and theory. Goodall, Thornton and Brown discuss research across six key study groups: Proprietors, Performers, Support Staff, Audience, Associations and the General Public. Illustrated with performance, behind the scenes and rehearsal images representing 50 circuses performing 2003-2023.

‘UK Circus’ thematically groups and contextualises extracts of conversations to provide a wide-ranging study supported by critical theory. Of interest to both practitioners and scholars UK Circus employs the lens of ‘contestation’ to identify UK Circus Society and Subculture in the 21st Century.

Copyright: 2003-2023 University of Bradford, Goodall, Thornton and Brown.