National Statistics Database

The UK Circus Industry National Statistics Database represents mixed methods research conducted 2021-2023. Quantitative data has been obtained and recorded in accordance with recognised UK National Metrics, i.e., the UK Office for National Statistics and the UK Statistics Authority (Arts Council England).

Quantitative Research

Survey Based Questionnaires including:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Rating Scale
  • Likert Scale
  • Matrix, Dropdown
  • Open-ended
  • Close-ended
  • Rating
  • Multimedia NPS
  • Demographic
  • Ranking
  • Structured, Unstructured and Quasi-Structured Models

Qualitative Research

  • Longitudinal In-Depth Interview (Film/Audio)
  • Digital Photography (Still Image)
  • Individual Interview (Audio)
  • Stratified Focus Groups (Audio)
  • Group Interview (Audio)
  • Case Study (Film and Audio)


A convergent and social justice mixed methods design study and framework will consider a combination of lenses including gender, ethnicity, social class and lifestyle orientation. Descriptive, diagnostic predictive and prescriptive analytical methodologies, tools, types and techniques are employed to examine, measure and analyse quantitative and qualitative research data. Analysed data sets are integrated to represent each of the 6 key stakeholder cohorts. Data analysis software employed: Microsoft BI.

Database 2021-2023

Research Design Model

Phenological, ethnographic, grounded theory, historical and narrative.